Temple terrace project


TEMPLE TERRACE The lure of a $150 million municipal renewal project drew big-gun developers to Temple Terrace City Hall on Wednesday for a prebid conference outlining the initial phase.

Representatives of companies from as far as Chicago and Charleston, S.C., as well as the Tampa Bay area, attended the afternoon session aimed at those interested in being on the team selected as master development partner for the project. Two dozen city-prepared informational packets detailing the plan, priced at $100 each, sold out quickly.

Temple Terrace Redevelopment Director Ralph Bosek was pleased with interest in the urban mixed-use plan for what he termed a ``project at the forefront of what America wants.'' The 15 development companies that participated in the 90-minute session included some of the nation's largest,

``We looked to fill the room and came pretty darn close,''

Attendance was in response to the city's 32-page document asking developers to submit qualifications for becoming a long-term development partner, helping finance, design, build and substantially own and operate a town center on primarily city-owned land.

``We definitely want creativity in these submittals,''. ``We want quality architecture [and] solid teams with good urban experience.''

``There's a lot of steam'' and no organized opposition to the redevelopment proposal, ``The stars are aligned politically here.''

The owner-president of Tomasino and Associates, a 33- year-old Temple Terrace engineering firm, was among 70 professionals, including developers, engineers, architects, land planners and real estate investment firm representatives, at the meeting.

``I think it's a good thing all around,'' Paul Tomasino of the massive proposal. ``I'm excited about it because I've been involved with the growth of the city for many years,'' lobbying two decades ago for a civic center included in the project. ``The city was much smaller and did not have the resources and the foresight it does today.''

The initial phase focuses on a 38-acre area southeast of Bullard Parkway and 56th Street.


The area to be redeveloped as a mixed-use town center with a Mediterranean Revival theme was outlined by Bosek as pedestrian-friendly, integrating the Hillsborough River and Temple Terrace Golf & Country Club as amenities. ``It's a phenomenal concept we think will sell,''

Cafes, restaurants and possibly a 30,000-square-foot bookstore would be ideal tenants,

In addition to residences above ground-floor commercial spaces, an 18-story condominium is proposed. ``Our community has a dearth of town houses and condominiums,''.

The first phase is also to include a new city hall and clock tower.

Submissions in response to the city's request are due Jan. 20 and will be evaluated based upon qualifications: primarily experience, past performance and financial capacity and capability. The city redevelopment agency will develop a short list of the best-qualified potential bidders, inviting one or more to submit a request for proposal. A final decision and selection of a development partner is scheduled for late May.


Temple Terrace: New Urbanism

Temple Terrace (www.templeterrace. com) was one of Tampa's first suburbs, built in the 20s, but coming about as it did as a new suburb, it has always lacked a traditional town center. Plans are underway to change that, and to construct a new 'downtown' complete with mixed use, high density residential and retail - along with a town hall. The theme of the project, as everything seems to be around here these days, is meditteranean revival. The project also includes an 18 story condominium, the project's website is located here. www.templeterrace.com/redevelopment/Index.htm

developers have until January 20th to submit plans.

(Kinda looks like one of those computer re-creations of ancient Rome from the history channel, doesnt it)

Temple Terrace
"A City For Living"

Named after the hybrid "Temple" oranges and the surrounding "Terraced" terrain, Temple Terrace was incorporated on May 28, 1925, and operates under the Council-Manager form of government. With an estimated population of 23,000, the City staff of 300 and a host of volunteers are dedicated to excellence and providing public services unsurpassed by any in the area.

Plans are underway to develop a vibrant, mixed-use, New Urbanism downtown for all to enjoy.

The Torti Gallas & Partners team returned October 26 with their highly refined plan for the project. Citizens were notified of the meeting in several ways: notices in the newspapers, signs posted around town -- both on the street and in City buildings, a special newsletter mailed to all residences and apartments, on this website and on the Temple Terrace Government Access Channel 20 and more.

As a result of these efforts, nearly 450 citizens attended the "standing room only" town meeting to learn about the latest plans for the upcoming Downtown Redevelopment area. The meeting recapped the June Charrettes -- a rigorous week-long schedule of workshops that were very productive -- and unveiled many new renderings showing how our downtown may look.