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Box Factory Lofts may not have the sweetest ring as a name for a residential project, but it was too accurate to pass up. plans to convert a former cigar box factory into a loft complex. Renovations to the former Tampa Box Co. factory - a sprawling 1905 building will begin in February, Plans call for converting the 68,000-square-foot factory into 53 two-story lofts, ranging from 950 to 1,700 square feet.

Although the developer will retain the building's historic look, the one- and two-bedroom units will feature modern amenities with concrete floors, granite counter tops, stainless-steel kitchen appliances and up to 20-foot-high ceilings, The building's open-air courtyard will become a landscaped pool area, and sections of the original roof will be raised 5 feet to add windows for additional interior light.

A portion of the building will include enclosed parking. Units should be ready for occupancy in December 2005, The Tampa Box Co. was once the world's largest manufacturer of cigar boxes. The factory, which produced cigar boxes until the 1960s, when it was converted into storage.

 For nearly 45 years, the pale blue building with 244 boarded windows has been a reminder of Ybor City's history as a cigar Mecca.

Soon, the 104-year-old Tampa Box Co. building may become a symbol of residential rebirth in the entertainment district. Atlanta based Miles Properties Inc. plans to turn the 68,000-square-foot building, which stretches a city block, into a 53-unit loft condominium complex.

It's more than that, though., which has been a haven for industry since the early 1900s, is slowly changing. The box company building is one of three loft developments planned, and there are a half-dozen more condominium complexes sprouting up just north on Fifth and Sixth avenues.

Andy Celeiro, who is selling the box company building. to Miles Property, said that when he heard the company's plans he decided to turn his other building, Gulf Mill Works, into condominiums, too. ``It's too profitable not to do it,'' Celeiro said. ``And it will be great for Ybor City.'' Gulf Mill Works has been in Ybor City since 1962; Celeiro has owned it for seven years and last year bought the box company building, which he uses for storage. Gulf Mill Works makes office furniture and has 18 employees.

Celeiro said he is negotiating the price of a new office building for the company just west of downtown. When Ybor City's historic district gobbled up it two years ago, Celeiro said he knew it would be a matter of time before developers were interested and industry no longer fit in. That time is slowly approaching, he said, and he figures it's best to move now and make a profit.

Other industrial owners might hold out, he said, but eventually their property values will rise high enough that they, too, will want to cash out. As for Celeiro, he plans to set aside one of his 49 loft units for himself and his wife. ``The trend will be people moving back to Ybor City,'' he said. ``In three to five years, Ybor City will be a very nice place to live. We have the charm of Ybor City's past. Channelside doesn't have that.'' Celeiro's plans for the Gulf Mill Works building are preliminary, but Perry's proposal for the box company building has the blessing of the Barrio Latino Commission, which oversees construction in the historic district.

Once the building is rezoned from industrial to mixed-use, Perry said he will begin the permitting process. Construction is expected to begin in February and to take a year. The units are planned to be 900 square feet to 1,400 square feet and sell for $170,000 to $300,000. The building will look much the same on the outside: brick and 244 windows. But the inside will mix modern and historical architectural.

The building is doughnut-shaped, and there is a courtyard in the middle. A pool and landscaping will go there, The roof will be raised three feet so each apartment will have a second-story loft for a bedroom

This is the second condominium project in Tampa for the two companies. Miles Properties and Brock Green also are building the Arts Center Lofts downtown, which is nearly complete. `There aren't that many buildings left to restore in Atlanta, ''There aren't many left in Tampa, either.'' Those who lives on Seventh Avenue is happy to see the change to A drive.

However, there's no reason the street can't remain dotted with industry. ``Those that are grandfathered in will certainly have the right to stay and function,'' Howden said. ``This is not suburbia. This is not a place where you'll go miles and miles and see houses.''

 There’s never been a place like it. Box Factory Lofts is for the select few with an eye for the uncommon. Here, giant barges and cruise ships are your neighbors. Channelside and downtown come to life outside your 9-foot tall windows. And a secluded central courtyard and pool offer you an exclusive urban oasis like no other.

More than a century ago it was the largest cigar box manufacturer in the world. Today, Box Factory Lofts will become an exciting new setting for urban living in Tampa.

In its heyday as the Tampa Box Company, more than 200 workers manufactured boxes here of every shape and size, specializing in pure-cedar boxes. They also crafted coffee, tea and spice cans made from the finest Florida Cedar, Cuban Mahogany, Mahaugha and other hard woods.

And when they needed a break from box making, factory workers headed to the building’s unique hidden courtyard – the perfect escape for lunch or an afternoon break.

100 years of history has been made in this building. Now it’s your turn.

Box Factory Lofts will soon be the next great place for urban loft living in Tampa. This former cigar box factory will be historically renovated – reinvented into a home with built-in authentic style.

But we won’t skimp on the modern amenities. In fact, every unit at Box Factory Lofts comes complete with cool features and quality finishes. An amazing value for true loft style.

100 years of history has been made in this building. Now its Your turn. What was once home to the largest cigar box manufacturer in the world more than 100 years ago will soon become an exciting new setting for urban loft homes in Tampa.

Box Factory Lofts will appeal to individuals who want unconventional yet affordable urban intown living.

the project involves converting an existing historic industrial building, formerly Tampa Box Company, into 53 two-story loft homes ranging from 950-square-feet to 1,700-square-feet.

Box Factory Lofts is a truly authentic craft property for this market, and we’re looking forward to sharing this historic opportunity with our buyers said Jason Perry, acquisitions and development manager for Miles Properties, Inc.

Because it’s an old factory being historically renovated, Box Factory Lofts will have distinctive architectural details, including nine-toot-tall windows and original wooden beams more will be salvaged, restored and integrated into the design of the lofts. Construction of Box Factory Lofts is expected to begin in the first quarter of 2005 with projected completion in December 2005.


• Secure access

• Covered parking

• Secluded central courtyard and pool

• Exposed ductwork, wood beams and conduits

• Maple-finish cabinets, granite counter-tops, stainless steel appliances

• Acid-stained concrete floors

• 15-foot vaulted ceilings

• Cement block walls


PRE-SALES NOW UNDERWAY! Preconstruction pricing from $170,000’s to $320,000’s.

 Call today, because with a value like this, the box will soon be full.

Secluded landscaped central courtyard and pool – an urban oasis!
Cement block walls
Secure access
Covered parking
Minutes from downtown and Channelside
Close to everything hip

Box Factory Lofts is next to downtown, Channelside and Ybor City so there’s something for everyone within a mile or two. Just pick your interest and see how close you’ll be to so many options.